Our Mission

  • Our Mission 

  • We created journals to help YOU STAY ACCOUNTABLE!  Our Journals are made for fitness enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, moms, & anyone that is on a mission to create better habits, get on track and stay on track mentally, physically, and emotionally! 

    We believe everyone has the right to love and enjoy life- but we all have those days we wander around aimlessly feeling lost. 

    Our Story 

     We are twin sisters Jessica and Jenn, aka ‘The Giannina Twins’. We create journals that FIT into your life. We started with fitness journals and now we have everything from fitness to daily goal trackers, & even general notebooks. 

    At the age of 24, we realized how helpful it was to have a plan and keep track of our progress in the gym- which led to our fitness journals. 

    Since then we realized journaling ‘fits’ in all aspects of life and wanted to design a  journal for not only your physical health, but your mental health as well. We now offer a daily journal and notebook to help you enjoy life, create better habits, and stay accountable. 

    We hope you find a journal that FITS you to level up in all areas of life!