Journal Tutorials

-Fitness Journal-
Weekly Progress Chart
- Weekly measurements check in
- Are you focusing on a certain goal? Give your goal a roadmap.
-Know what you want & write it down to track progress.
Tips: When you get your journal set a calendar reminder for every Monday morning to write in your measurements.
Weekly Meal Plan
-Know exactly what you're eating and how much.
-Make sure you are aligning day to day with your goals.


Tip: Sunday write out your meals for the week and your grocery list, if possible us grocery pick up (makes it less tempting to buy other foods you don’t need)

-jot down thoughts, to do list, grocery list
-give your goals a place to come to life
-ensure your nutrition is on point


Daily Fitness Log
-Give your training a set schedule.
- Keep track of your numbers to make sure you’re making progress.
- Plan each workout with precision.
  •   Find a program you want to follow. If you need help fining a program check out our Instagram on finding a program that best fits you.
  • On Sunday write out your workouts for the week.
  • Bring your journal with you daily to the gym/home to ensure you go in with a plan.
  • After each set write down the weight you used. If the next week you want to go up or down in weight write an up or down arrow next to the exercise. The following week when you are doing the same exercise adjust weight accordingly.



-Daily Journal -
Monthly Calendar
-plan out your entire week
-write out your reflections & thoughts
tip: your monthly calendar can be using for anything, habit tracker, appointments, goals
-speak into existence what you desire the most
tip: when you get your journal write out all the affirmations you want to focus on for the next 2 months. Use Pinterest, social media, online, or make up your own. 
Running Get To Do List
Get the daily satisfaction of checking the boxes you set out to achieve 
tip: brain dump!!!! write it all down! anything you’ve wanted to get done just write it down. Doesn’t mean you will accomplish everything on this list we just want it out of you brain and onto the journal. aka you are more likely to accomplish it if its written down.  
Daily Log
- increase resilience and overall feelings of happiness
-influence your subconscious mind to access new beliefs
Get To Do
-prioritize task and get them done
-an opportunity to pause and find meaning
- to do list
-goal setting
- affirmations
- prayer 
- grocery list